Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Kung of Ehrmeishan

CHI KUNG (qigong) means "energy work," an ancient Chinese yogic art that cultivates man's intrinsic internal energy, or vital life force--which the Chinese call "chi"--for healing, rejuvenation and longevity. For centuries, Qigong has been the secret engine that empowers the Chinese martial arts and healing arts to supernormal efficacy. Chi Kung For Health  is a ground-breaking new DVD series by Terry Dunn that teaches the very rare and powerful Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditations--a remarkable system of medical qigong created more than 600 years ago by the legendary Taoist sage, Feng Tao Teh, of Ehrmei Mountain (Omeishan) in Szechuan Province who traveled much of his life throughout China's western frontier and Tibet cultivating and practicing his yogic arts.  This rare and powerful Qigong has been carefully preserved through six generations of an impeccable Taoist martial arts lineage, is now available to the public as a precise, safe, dynamic and self-regulated program for natural health, healing and illumination. Flying Phoenix is a complete classical system of medical Qigong--comprised of standing and seated, stationary and moving exercises—that imparts allostasis and its profound health benefits: improved circulation, respiration, metabolism, skeletal strength, neuromuscular function, strenghtened immunity, and the slow-down and amelioration of the aging process.

The Flying Phoenix Qigong is an ideal exercise for beginners and adepts alike because its exercises are simple and fool-proof, can be practiced without the supervision of a Qigong master, and imparts sublimely energizing and rejuvenating effects with startling speed after only days of practice. Flying Phoenix Qigong is an excellent health complement to Tai Chi and Kung Fu practice, while being considerably easier to learn and practice. Terry Dunn's Chi Kung For Health DVD series presents complete and detailed instruction in this authentic Ehrmei Mountain Qigong that facilitates splendid health and longevity, and serves as an invaluable ground of experience that enables one to understand and evaluate all methods of yoga, meditation, and martial arts. The first breath of this Qigong practice will demonstrate the truth behind its illustrious and transcendental Chinese name.

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"Because of the great interest in Qigong in the west, it is important to have bona fide teachings by bona fide teachers. Too often students wind up learning a little bit of this form and a little bit of another, while never learning any complete system. This series is a good example of a serious and gifted instructor who offers a complete system of healing qigong to the serious student." -- Solala Towler, Editor, The Empty Vessel -- Journal of Contemporary Taoism.

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Chi Kung For Health, Volume One:
Five Basic Standing Exercises

Volume One teaches five basic standing meditations of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Mediation system.  Through these basic Flying Phoenix standing meditations, Terry Dunn teaches the three cornerstones of qigong:  Shape-form (Xing), Mind or Intent (Yi), and Breath-energy (Chi) method.  The first three standing meditations focus qi development at three tan tiens (chakras or energy centers):  “Monk Gazing At Moon” at the  upper tan tien (third eye or brow chakra), “Monk Holding Peach” at the middle tan tien (heart chakra), “Monk Holding Pearl” at lower tan tien. These are followed by two dynamic moving meditations that concentrate qi and circulate it through the body:  “Bending the Bows” opens and closes the body and mind in synchronicity with nature, mustering energy from the extremities and channeling it into the Conception Vessel (Jen Mo) and Governing Channel (Tu Mo); “Wind Above the Clouds” uses five easy and elegant bending and stretching movements to perfect physical balance and flexibility, strengthening the waist, opening the hips, regulating qi flow to the legs and arms, and ultimately develops frictionless movement of energy. (60 min.)



Chi Kung For Health, Volume Two:
Six Basic Seated Meditations

Terry Dunn teaches six basic meditations of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong, a subset called "Monk Serves Wine."   Exercises One through Three are extremely simple but powerful preparatory meditations that instantly mobilize qi in the upper body and bring it into awareness. Each exercise begins with a short breath-control sequence followed by either one movement or no movement at all.

Exercises Four through Six are simple and elegant sequences of natural upper body movements done in the half-lotus position. Each is performed with total relaxation in set of seven repetitions following a breath-control sequence performed once.  The Flying Phoenix seated exercises develop control over basic energy pathways governed by eyes, mind, movement and breath, and ultimately bring all organ functions under the regulation of the subconscious mind. The most common reaction of practitioners experiencing the energizing effects the seated meditations for the first time is "I can't believe a human being invented these exercises." (60 min.)




Chi Kung For Health, Volume Three:
Two Intermediate Moving Meditations

In this volume, Terry Dunn provides instruction in two intermediate standing meditations of the Flying Phoenix Qigong system:  “Wind through the Treetops” and “Moonbeam Splashes On Water.”  Both exercises impart sublime energizing effects.

“Wind Through the Treetops” promotes tangible Qi circulation through natural arm movements with the torso held in three orthogonal planes: first, through the vertical with two patterns of inward circling; second, with the torso in a bent-forward horizontal position, arm movements synchronize with chi circulation in the manner of “Turning the Wheel” or "Circulation of the Light" (as Qi flows up the Governing Vessel and down the Conception Vessel); third, with the torso reclined backward to 45 degrees, the chi is mobilized by the slow outward circling of the arms that finally return to the anterior of the body at the level of the liver and kidneys.  Then the Qi is returned to the middle and lower tan tien through simply elegant movements.

“Moonbeam Splashes on Water” is a powerful and beautiful meditation form that musters the Flying Phoenix healing energy and circulates it through the entire body. Terry teaches this form in three sections.  The first section trains waist flexibility and control and the alignment of upper and lower body joints in movement.  The second section promotes chi circulation in through martial postures similar to Tai Chi's “Press” “Push,” and “Fan Through the Back.” This is followed by the third section, which circles the body’s vertical axis through a conical pattern with the root fixed as the apex. (60 min.)




Chi Kung For Health, Volume Four:
Advanced Long Form Standing Exercise

Volume Four teaches the Advanced Long Form Meditation called the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Meditation, which is the capstone of the entire Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong system. Terry Dunn provides detailed, step-by-step, expert instruction in this 20-minute form, which is similar to a Tai Chi form in terms of choreographic complexity.   The form instruction is organized into six sections; Dunn repeats each section four times, and demonstrates the entire Form at the end of the program.

Daily practice of this most comprehensive Qigong form insures impeccable good health and long-term vitality, and in short order obviates the need to practice the basic Flying Phoenix standing meditations of Volumes One and Three. This moving meditation is practiced at a speed approximately three times slower than typical Tai Chi form speed.  Developing proficiency in the exercises of Volumes 1, 2 and 3 is recommended before beginning this training. (60 min.)




Chi Kung For Health, Volume Five:
Five Advanced Fast Standing Meditations

Terry Dunn teaches five standing short-form "Flash" meditations of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong system. These exercises are remarkable in that each requires only 90 seconds to perform and need only be done once. Short and simple in movement, these exercises are easy-to-do like the basic exercises of Volume One, but their energizing effects are more powerful and profound--especially when they are practiced after Volumes One through Four have been mastered. Each meditation is the  perfect embodiment of LESS IS MORE and exemplifies the sublime power of Taoist alchemic yoga. Each exercise is demonstrated four times and is captured from multiple camera angles.  Regular practice of Volumes One, Two, Three, and Four is recommended in order to attain optimum benefit from this training.  (60 min.)





Chi Kung For Health, Volume Six:
Advanced Martial Meditations

Terry Dunn teaches five Advanced Taoist Meditations from the White Tiger tradition. "Monk Splashes Water," "Monk Dries Silk", and "Jade Emperor Lifts Golden Pagoda to Heaven" are three such authentic, 400-year old martial Qigong exercises that cultivate a super-abundance of internal energy for health and gung-fu. Terry Dunn specially designed this regimen for athletes and martial artists. (60 min)


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Chi Kung For Health, Volume Seven:
Five Advanced Seated Meditations

Terry Dunn teaches Five Advanced Seated Meditations called "Monk Serves Wine," a component of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong system. Each advanced seated meditation combines a powerful breath control technique with an intricate sequence of symmetrical upper body movements. Practiced in sets of seven repetitions with total relaxation, each exercise within 8 to 10 minutes induces a tangible and specific circulation of internal energy ("chi"), instant mind-body integration, physical rejuvenation, and expanded mental awareness. Each meditation has specific effects ranging from inducing deep, sound sleep without fail to stimulating heightened, supramundane awareness. Proficient practice of Volumes One and Two is a recommended before practicing Volume Seven's advanced exercises. (60 min.)

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Volumes One through Five of  the Chi Kung For Health series provide you with Terry Dunn's expert instruction for years of healthful training. Get the entire basic-level training of Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong system for this reduced price:

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Sifu Terence Dunn in posture from Eight Sections of Energy Combined (3rd Section). Death Valley, California.

Top photo: Ehrmeishan, Sichuan. One of China's four sacred peaks of Buddhism, the birthplace of Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong. Ehrmeishan has been a human habitation for more than 10,000 years and originally a Taoist enclave. In the 3rd century, the Puxian form of Buddhism took root and over thenext 1,200 years, most of the Taoist temples were to Buddhist temples. The golden-looking bronze statue at right is of the Bodhisattva Puxian, or Samantabhadra, looking in ten directions.


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