Affiliated Websites

The following are the websites of Tai Chi Chuan and Kung-fu instructors with whom Terry Dunn is closely affiliated and whose programs of instruction and growth in the Chinese martial arts Terry highly recommends.


Beijing Tai Chi and Kung-fu Academy

The Beijing Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy was founded in 1999 by Sifu Jonathan Weizhang Wang, a highly versatile instructor who is presently the most successful tournament competitor in both forms and fighting competition in contemporary history with close to 450 gold and silver tournament medals. Sifu Wang passes on to others the knowledge and skills that he had acquired under both Grandmaster Jiang Hao-Quan and his father, Grandmaster Daniel Yu Wang. The goal of the Beijing Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy is to revive the Nan-King Guoshu Institute's curriculum and train the most well-rounded Kung Fu artists possible.

Its traditional kung-fu curriculum includes Tan-Tui ("spring-legs") Kung-Fu (a norther boxing style popular with muslims) and Modern Wushu styles for beginners; Pi Gua Boxing, Chuo Jiao Quan (Piercing Feet Boxing), and Ba Ji Quan  (Eight Extreme Fist) for intermediate levels; Eagle Claw Kung-fu and Six Plum-Flower Praying Mantis Kung-fu at advanced levels.

Sifu Wang's internal martial arts curriculum includes courses in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing-Yi Boxing, and Modern Bagua Boxing. Sifu Wang also teaches a wide variety of weapons arts, including the sword and saber forms of Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi, Ba-gua, Hsing-I, Praying Mantis sword, saber, and staff. Terry Dunn had the pleasure of instructing Sifu Wang in his style of Six Harmonies/Eight Methods Boxing (from Grandmaster Pan Yan Lew through Master York Why Loo).



Sifu Garry Hearfield's WBBM

WBBM stands for Warrior Body Buddha Mind and is Sifu Garry Hearfield's name for his schools' Qigong curriculum, which includes the traditional internal training of Yau Kung Mun, the rare internal system of Wan Yuen Yut Hei Jurng (Primordial Chaos One Qi Palm [Hun Yuan Yi Qi Zhang in Mandarin]), Omei Bak Mei (through Grandmaster Doo Wai) and various other internal arts under the Doo Family's White Tiger Kung-fu (Bok Fu Pai) umbrella.

Sifu Hearfield was the closed door disciple under the late Master Leung Cheung of Yau Kung Mun style for 24 years. He has been teaching Yau Kun Mun in Australia for the last 18 years. He has traveled to Southern China extensively, studying with various teachers of Pak Mei and Yau Kung Mun. Sifu Hearfield is Terry Dunn's Si-hing (school brother) as he also studied with Grandmaster Doo Wai about ten years after Terry completed a six-year course of training with the grandmaster. He is the preserver of Grandmaster Doo Wai's Burning Palm System and Omei Bak Mei--the Bak Mei Kung-fu that Grandmaster Doo Wai inherited from his father, the fifth generation grandmaster of White Tiger Kung-fu (Bak Fu Pai), who was a martial peer, colleague, and great friend of the last grandmaster of Bak Mei Pai, the great Cheung Lai Chun.



Favorite Demonstrations

Click this icon to see Terry Dunn's selection of favorite masters' demonstrations of Chinese martial arts.


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